Design the Zepp HR App for Huami with a new layout

For this project, Huami asked us to design a mobile app for their active tracker. The app helps users to connect the active tracker on their phone.

Working together with the Chinese company “Huami” has given us the opportunity to design an innovative app for the Chinese market.

During the design process we had to design the app in line with the other designs of Huami Zepp apps. The design needed to be green and easy to use, so that the user can focus on their active life.

Focus Points

  • Health
  • Big Numbers
  • Rewarding
  • Elite

Design Style

  • Sporty
  • Bold
  • Energy Colors

Project Outcome.

The Result

The design came out easy to use, both the client and us were more than satisfied with the outcome. We are really thankful that we got the opportunity to work with a big Chinese company like Huami and learned allot how the work procedure are in China.

Keep on moving

Everything happens in a heartbeat, it needed to be fast and easy to use. The app showcases the results of the active journey from the user.