Walk La! Start walking in Hong Kong with this new app.

Walk La! Means ‘Just Walk!’ in Cantonese. The app encourage users to walk more and in exchange they get discounts in various stores. We started from nothing but the name and idea.

We had the freedom to design the look and feel. This includes the logo, which had to be ‘cute’. The design needed to feel approachable, light and healthy.

Focus Points

  • Fun to exercise
  • Rewarding
  • Healthy
  • Inviting

Design Style

  • Cute
  • Organic Green
  • Voucher Style

Project Outcome.

The Result

Started from nothing, we managed to design a mobile app in its early stages. Logo and style included. This project was a fun and challenging tasks since the target audience are from Hong Kong, which differs from western countries.

Walk La! Don’t be lazy.

Walk La is still in its early development stages and not publicly announced. We hope the app will make its debut so people can start walking and receive tons of rewards!