A competitive UI Mobile Design for REES E-Sports and its gamers.

In this project REES E-Sports from Hong Kong has given us the free creativity to design new screens for their mobile application. The app focuses on competitive gaming and online tournaments.

As gamers ourselves we had to make sure to always put the users/gamers first when designing. The design should be ‘Flashy & Fast’, just like how competitive gaming has always been.

Focus Points

  • Competitive Gaming
  • Teamwork
  • Rewarding
  • Elite

Design Style

  • Neon
  • Digital World
  • Flashy & Fast

Project Outcome.

The Result

We came up with a clean and tight design in the end. REES E-Sports were more than satisfied with our design. The design has a familiar ‘gaming’ feel going on. Neon lights with a digital theme was our main guideline for this design.

By gamers, for gamers

A lot of attention went in the tournament system. It needed to be clear and self-explanatory for the gamers. A lot of game elements were used for this design to extend their gaming experience.