Life Access Website welcoming everyone in Amsterdam.

The Church “Life Access” located in Amsterdam West next to the Westerpark, has given us the freedom to create a new design. The website must be inviting and accessible for everybody who wants to get acquainted with a spiritual life.

The Pastor of the church gave us some advice and believe the website should be inviting and putting the focus on the fate of Christ and not especially the Church. So, allot of the effort went into the message of the website.

Focus Points

  • Welcoming
  • Faith Centered
  • Amsterdam/Dutch based

Design Style

  • Contrast in Colors
  • Clean & Modern Look
  • Clarity

Project Outcome.

The Result

The overall end result is a calm blue, simple design with a little bit of animation between the elements to highlight the content. The challenge for us is to design a vision, the feel and the message that the church want to give.


Most of the focus went to the usability of the website. Most of the people who visits the website are going to be people who are seeking for answers. Our task was to give them a calm feeling and maybe answers to those questions.