ˈnɪmb(ə)l design.

"Quick and light in movement or action; agile."

ˈnɪmb(ə)l design.

We are Amsterdam based designers with a passion for visualising and realising ideas.

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Zepp Heartrate

Heartrate monitor

Going Dutch!

Group expenses, calculated.

Peoples Telecom

Full Brand Suite

REES E-Sports

UI Mobile Design


Mobile App Redesign

Walk La

Mobile App Branding/Design

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Our Story.

We are Sammy & Sammy, long-life friends who share a mutual interest in digital design. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we will take your ideas and bring them to where it’s needed. We believe in designs being simple, quick and able to adapt in every situation; nimble. This is also our guideline and blueprint in all our work.

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